Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study

Week 3 Ruth Chapter 2 by Abigail Dodds

July 12, 2018

When I outlined chapter 2, I framed it around Boaz. Here are five points to observe about Boaz:

1)   Boaz’s greeting

2)   Boaz’s protection

3)   Boaz’s provision

4)   Boaz’s prayer

5)   Boaz’s position

What can we take away from this scene in Ruth 2? It’s a wonderful story. It’s a chapter where no one sins—at least not explicitly in the text! Did you notice that? I think that’s why it’s such a pleasure to read. Only good examples in chapter two. And that’s what I want us to consider—how different this chapter is from Gen. 3, not to mention Judges and so much of what we observe in the Bible and in our own lives. 

Contrast Boaz in Ruth 2, with Adam in Genesis 3. But don't stop there. The point of the story isn't that Boaz seems to be a lot better than Adam. The point is that Boaz is a pointer to the Better Adam: Jesus. And when we compare Boaz to Jesus, we see just how much better Jesus is than anyone else in history--even worthy Boaz. 

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