Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study
John 1:1-18 Pam Larson

John 1:1-18 Pam Larson

September 19, 2018

Here are the words we followed to see the layers John used to structure his “overture.”

1-with God…... (1:1–2 connection with 1:18)

2-through Him…..(1:3 connection with 1:17)

3-receive…..(1:4–5 connection with 1:16)

4-John/witness…..(1:6–8 connection with 1:15)

5-response…..(1:9–10 connection with 1:14)

6-his own…..(1:11 connection with 1:13)

7-receive… believe (1:12)

8-children of God/born of God (1:12)

Here is a beautiful Poem by D.A. Carson on the Incarnation of Christ 

John Introduction - Pam Larson

John Introduction - Pam Larson

September 13, 2018

Welcome to our study of the Gospel of John! What a joy to be gathering together and sharing what we are learning!

I am praying that the Gospel of John will speak to you wherever you are today. Ask God to open your eyes through His Spirit to give you understanding and life in his name. May you SEE Jesus, in all of his glory and may you trust in Him, believe Him with all your heart!

2 slides from the introduction to John: 




Week 6 Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb (by Pam Larson)

Week 6 Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb (by Pam Larson)

August 3, 2018

Glimpses and references to the promised Lamb of God are scattered throughout the Old Testament.

  • The whole Bible tells the story of Jesus.
  • Every story, every genealogy, every page, every detail speaks of our Redeemer.

To trace God’s beautiful story of redemption, we can follow a thread, a red strand that is woven throughout the Bible....looking for the lamb of God.

Where is the Lamb?

Behold the Lamb!

Worthy is the Lamb

Week 4 Ruth Chapter 3 by Pam Larson

Week 4 Ruth Chapter 3 by Pam Larson

July 20, 2018




We need a redeemer who will give us rest, eternal rest.

  • Jesus will be your Redeemer and welcome you into His family.
  • Jesus will cover you with His wings and be your refuge.
  • Jesus will give you His robe of righteousness to cover your nakedness.
  • It does not matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been.
    • We are all undeserving of His grace.
    • The invitation is open.

In trust, come to your Redeemer who will give you rest.

Under Your wings I am safely abiding;

Though the night deepens and tempests are wild,

Still I can trust You, I know You will keep me;

You have redeemed me, and I am Your child.

Under Your wings

Who from Your love can sever?

Under Your wings my soul shall abide,

Safely abide forever.

Under Your wings—what a refuge in sorrow!

How the heart yearningly turns to Your rest!

Often when earth has no balm for my healing,

There I find comfort, and there I am blest.

Under Your wings—oh, what precious enjoyment!

There will I hide till life’s trials are o’er;

Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me;

Resting in YOU Jesus I’m safe evermore.

(adaped from "Under His Wings," a hymn by William Cushing, 1823-1902)


Week 2  Ruth Chapter 1 by Pam Larson

Week 2 Ruth Chapter 1 by Pam Larson

June 29, 2018

We can trust our faithful, sovereign, redeeming, saving, covenant God who works through unlikely ways and means of grace!

4 scenes in Ruth 1:


Think about the gospel as a three-act story…


Plot arc of Ruth 1:


Scene 1 (v1-2) Bethlehem --> Moab

  • Setting ...  a famine

Scene 2 (v3-5) in Moab

  • Crisis ... three funerals and three widows

Scene 3 (v6-18) Moab -->  Bethlehem

  • food
  • a follower of Yahweh with flawed faith?
  • climax ... the faith of a foreigner

Scene 4 Bethlehem 

  • resolution/new setting ... Hints of filling … and our faithful God

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