Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study

Week 2 Ruth Chapter 1 by Pam Larson

June 29, 2018

We can trust our faithful, sovereign, redeeming, saving, covenant God who works through unlikely ways and means of grace!

4 scenes in Ruth 1:


Think about the gospel as a three-act story…


Plot arc of Ruth 1:


Scene 1 (v1-2) Bethlehem --> Moab

  • Setting ...  a famine

Scene 2 (v3-5) in Moab

  • Crisis ... three funerals and three widows

Scene 3 (v6-18) Moab -->  Bethlehem

  • food
  • a follower of Yahweh with flawed faith?
  • climax ... the faith of a foreigner

Scene 4 Bethlehem 

  • resolution/new setting ... Hints of filling … and our faithful God

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