Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study

Galatians Week 6: One True Gospel: Nothing Added, Pam Larson

November 6, 2019
  1. What is the setting? “SOMEBODY” (verses 1- 3)   CONTINUATION of the story
  • At stake: CONFIRMATION of Paul’s gospel & CHURCH UNITY
  1. What is the conflict? (verses 4-5)  CONFRONTATION with false brothers


  • CIRCUMCISION to be added??
  • CONFRONT those who CONTRADICT gospel truth
  1. What is the resolution? "THEN"  (verses 7-9) CONFIRMATION of Paul’s gospel and ministry

4 verbs:

  • ADDED nothing
  • SAW
    GAVE the right hand of fellowship
  1. What is the new setting? The “SO”?  (verses 9b-10) COMMISSION to ministry
  • One true gospel is affirmed, but that gospel is presented in a way that seeks to connect with different groups. Same gospel, same content. The one true gospel message will come across with different nuances, depending on the audience’s circumstances, or religious or cultural background.
  • Paul was eager to remember the poor, as he was eager to be like Jesus!

**3. What is the CLIMAX?  (verses 5-6) CORRECT DOCTRINE

Gospel truth preserved!! ONE TRUE GOSPEL! NOTHING ADDED to Christ! Christ alone for salvation!

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