Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study

Galatians Week 2: Jacque Boldt Overview

October 4, 2019

Jacque Boldt helped us to have a clear, working knowledge of the main point of the book of Galatians. She said, “Our destination is understanding the main point of Galatians.  To get there, we will travel through three stops: Background information, What does the text say?, and What does the text mean?” 

Here is how Jacque helped us to get there:: 

  1. Used Google Earth to help us see the terrain of the region of Galatia in Paul’s day, which is in modern-day central Turkey.  
  2. Brought us in on the method that the teaching team has been using to analyze and process the text, and gave us a chance to practice it.

Genre: The type of literature--Galatians is an epistle, or letter

Literary Context: The passages immediately before and after the passage you are studying

Biblical Context: Citations and allusions from Scripture, and historical connections to other books of the Bible

Historical Context: The circumstances of the audience

Melodic Line: The main theme of the book, which distinguishes it from all other books in the Bible. It is like a thread woven through the book, which each section helps to “unpack.”


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