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He Hears Me: The Song of Deborah & Barak (Judges 5) Amy Katterson

He Hears Me: The Song of Deborah & Barak (Judges 5) Amy Katterson

July 2, 2021

Judges 4–5 gives us a surprising, hopeful, powerful picture of deliverance from bondage that we could never escape alone.

If you are less familiar with the history of God’s redemptive story, find a refresher of the overarching picture with this 3-minute video or the full KINGDOM seminar video. This week’s story occurs in the period of the judges, when Israel has entered the Promised Land but failed to fully obey God by removing the idolatrous people of the land. Where does this partial obedience (i.e. disobedience) land them? Under the oppression of the Canaanites.

But God does not save us because we are good enough! And so this story goes on to describe the faith of two women (the judge Deborah and a surprising “deliverer” Jael), the hesitation of God’s appointed military leader (Barak), the different responses of the Israelite tribes, and the foreshadowing of a nail that crushes the head of the enemy … pointing forward to our true, perfect Deliverer, Christ Jesus. 

Because we have such a Hero, we can walk in courageous faith and express our hearts in praise for the large and small deliverances that God accomplishes for us.

“He Hears Me: Prayers of the Bible” Panel Discussion with Teaching Team

“He Hears Me: Prayers of the Bible” Panel Discussion with Teaching Team

June 9, 2021

Listen to the first day of our summer Bible study, June 9, 2021,  "He Hears Me: Prayers of the Bible," and get to know our teaching team:

  1. Charisse Compton
  2. Kacie Liechty (absent)
  3. Amy Katterson
  4. Lindsay Osborne
  5. Jenni Naselli (absent)
  6. Julia Dembeck


John 18  Amy Katterson

John 18 Amy Katterson

March 20, 2019

Chapters 1-12 unfolded the public ministry of Jesus, as He revealed Himself in words and works from the Father, over 3 years’ time.  Then, in chapters 13-17, the lens focused in on one single evening, as Jesus comforts and prepares the hearts of His disciples for the great climax of His ministry and life. He serves them, teaches them, and prays for them. And now, as we turn to John 18, the action rolls forward as Jesus moves to the moment of glory and agony that He has prepared them for. As we walk through the sections of this chapter, I’m going to periodically insert a brief reading from the Old Testament, primarily from the psalms of lament. As Jesus, the Lamb of God, goes to His death, He is loving His own to the end. I hope that you will hear in the emotion and ache of these laments the deep, unstoppable love of God as Jesus is poured out so that He might take you in.

  1. Betrayed: Jesus meets His betrayer in the garden (1-3)
  2. Unprotected: Jesus delivers His followers and refuses deliverance (4-11)
  3. Tried: Trials 1 and 2: Jesus before the Jews (12-14, 19-24)
  4. Denied: Peter denies Jesus three times (15-18, 25-27)
  5. Tried: Trial 3: Jesus before the Romans (28-38a)
  6. Exchanged: Pilate offers release; the people choose Barabbas (38b-40)
John 13:1-30  Amy Katterson

John 13:1-30 Amy Katterson

February 20, 2019

The Christ Who Cleanses Calls Us To Wash Feet

1-The Backdrop: Jesus Knows and Loves (1-3)

  • Jesus knew his hour had come
  • Jesus had loved his own who were in the world and loved them to the end
  • Jesus knew his betrayer
  • Jesus knew all things were his, he came from God, he was going back to God

2-The Dramatic Scene: Jesus Serves (4-5)

  • Jesus’ actions
  • Cultural commentary

3-The Disciple Revolts: Jesus Cleanses (6-11)

  • Peter refuses and Jesus answers: His washing is required to belong
  • Peter exceeds and Jesus explains: The completely clean need only feet washed

4-The Drama Explained: Jesus Calls (12-17, 20)

  • Teacher and Lord washed your feet
  • You ought to wash one another’s feet
  • Sent is not greater than sender

5-The Unclean Exception: Jesus Sends Out (18-19, 21-30)

  • Scripture will be fulfilled
  • One of you will betray
  • Private identification
  • Public sending out
John 10 Amy Katterson

John 10 Amy Katterson

January 31, 2019

John 10: True Shepherd, True Gate, and Jesus’ True Sheep

  1. A Word Picture Introduced: A Sheepfold (1-6)
  2. The Picture Unpacked: Jesus Is the Door and the Good Shepherd (7-18)
    1. Jesus the Door (7-10)
    2. Jesus the Good Shepherd (11-18)
  3. Jesus’ Words Divide the People (19-21)
  4. Jesus the Christ, Heard by His Flock (22-30)
  5. Jesus the Son, With Works from the Father (31-39)
  6. Jesus Departs and Some Follow (40-42)

(This John 10 teaching audio was recorded by Amy even though we did not have class this week due to severe weather. The levels in the recording vary, and some technical challenges caused some static periodically.)

John 4 Amy Katterson

John 4 Amy Katterson

October 17, 2018

John 4:1-6: Context: When and Where and Why

John 4:7-26: Conversation: Jesus Speaks to a Thirsty Woman

John 4:27-42: Conclusion: Jesus, the Woman, and the Disciples Sow and Reap a Huge Harvest 

John 4:43-45: Context: When and Where and Why

John 4:46-50: Conversation: Jesus Speaks to a Desperate Father

John 4:51-54: Conclusion: Jesus’ Sign and the Father’s Faith

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