Bethlehem North Women’s Bible Study
John 14 Sam Crabtree

John 14 Sam Crabtree

April 26, 2019

Pastor Sam Crabtree preached this memorial service message March 14, 2019 for Lyle Johnson, at Bethlehem Baptist Church, North Campus. Shared with permission from the family.

John 20 Pam Larson

John 20 Pam Larson

April 11, 2019

John 20

My aim: is for you to SEE (the truth) and BELIEVE Jesus and have radical new life in believing in Him, our risen Savior.

4 characters/groups have one thing in common: the emotion of grief


  • Mary
  • Peter/John
  • Disciples
  • Thomas


For each, ask:

  • How does the progression of sight and belief tie into the aim of the whole book? And how do the senses play a role--seeing, hearing, touching….
  • HOW were each of them transformed by Jesus’ resurrection?
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